Yes, you can learn how to be making money on the web, to be your own boss and to ‘work’ out of your home, in your own time, as and when you want too. If you reached here while actively searching for a specific and proven plan to gain financial and personal freedom, you’ve reached the site that has helped hundreds to do just that and, mainly, to do it part-time alongside their jobs and other commitments.

I’m privileged to be part of your journey. There are three vital principles you must grasp to regularly be making money on the web. I call them the Three Pillars and I suggest you begin by investigating the menu items above to gain an understanding of them, then continue by exploring the other areas that are of most interest to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via the support form you will find under ‘About / Contact’   Enjoy your journey! The rewards for your efforts will be worth it.

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Allan James – the StartBusinessMentor


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27percent 150x150 The Auto Recruiting Platform   Recruit Prospects & Make Sales At Previously Unheard Of Rates via SMS TextIf you’re like me, you may have been around the block a few times when it comes to any kind of online “system” that promises to help you make more money.

In fact, in 2012, after 7 years of being in the “Online Marketing” scene I pretty much completely unplugged from “systems”

But, in the last 10 months I’ve done more traveling around in my motorhome to meet with REAL people than I had EVER done in my entire life. Interesting, informed, people in all walks of life sometimes in small but wonderfully beautiful places. And a surprising amount of them were online marketers. Others were offline business owners looking to gather up more customers and make more sales.

What I learned is that most people who build their businesses in the “offline” arena are completely disconnected from what’s available to them in terms of online marketing opportunities — and that hurts their business.

And at the same time a lot of the people who are totally into online marketing and “making money online” tend to be totally disconnected from the power of offline marketing and building relationships etc.

In the last 10 months I’ve learned a lot about the offline world, and I always knew that when I start getting back to online marketing I would do things totally differently compared to before.

I believe that there are *HUGE* opportunities right now in bridging the gap between the “offline” and “online” world, when it comes to marketing.

Online or offline it doesn’t matter, the lifeblood of ANY business is their sales department.

The lifeblood of any sales department is the marketing department or a marketing system that can deliver high-quality leads for the sales people to connect with.

If you’re in business, you need leads, otherwise you won’t be in business for long.

One of the challenges that Auto Recruiting Platform is being designed to solve is the challenge of getting access to a high-quality lead source for your business (whatever that may be).

The second challenge that Auto Recruiting Platform (ARP) is being designed to solve is the challenge of online communication with your leads.

The third challenge that Auto Recruiting Platform is being designed to solve is the challenge of turning those high-quality leads into sales. ARP has solved this by providing a number of very high converting sales funnels for ANY business designed to maximize sales conversions.

email vs sms marketing in 20140.jpg 150x150 The Auto Recruiting Platform   Recruit Prospects & Make Sales At Previously Unheard Of Rates via SMS TextWhereas most platforms out there rely on email based communication, ARP is first-and-foremost an SMS (text) messaging platform which automatically sets it apart from every other system of it’s type.

I totally agree with ARP’s philosophy which states that email is very rapidly on it’s way out as a marketing method.

As I write this Blog post, for example, I do so very aware of the fact that even though I have over fifteen thousand email addresses in my email database which this Blog post will be delivered to, the vast majority of these emails will never be read.

Most emails are deleted or sent to the junk mail folder before a person ever even sees them.

Those that do make it to people’s email folders are mostly ignored due to the sheer volume of emails that people get.

Today, in 2013, when most people email someone they have resort to an “offline” communication method like a phone call or text message to let the person know that they emailed them!

How lame!

I can’t even count how many times I’ve sent emails out to friends and two days later when I ask them “Hey, did you get my email?” their response is “What email?”

And that’s a personal one-on-one communication between myself and a friend! As far as a marketing platform, email is very quickly dying off.                                             

I’ve known for quite some time that SMS/text messaging has taken over, but never really seen any kind of solid platforms that utilize SMS properly until now.

 Marketing automation1 150x150 The Auto Recruiting Platform   Recruit Prospects & Make Sales At Previously Unheard Of Rates via SMS Text
As soon as I saw the system that Auto Recruiting Platform put together, I was impressed.

I have also been very impressed with Don, the founder of this project.

Listening to the calls we get access to with him as Founding Members of this new platform he is releasing has been an awesome learning experience.

If you’re running any kind of business that could use some more customers, or “recruits” if you’re in the network marketing / mlm industry, I recommend checking this thing out:

For a limited time there is a “Founders Program” in place where all the people who sign up right now get a special package offer that will not be available once the beta testing is done.

So in return for helping Don test the platform to iron out any small kinks that may still be there in the system, you get to be the first person to take advantage of this platform and save yourself some money in the process.

Not only that, you also get a real-life case study example of a new platform like this being launched and you get to listen to Don’s daily calls to hear what’s happening, how he thinks, and how the handles certain challenges and how he takes advantage of certain opportunities.

I can tell you that I am very excited as to what this platform is delivering. Already conversions well over 40% are being achieved as you can see HERE, that’s unheard of in the industry before now! And it means a LOT more sales and profit for any online or offline business owner.

I think if Don can pull of 1/10th of what his vision is for this thing, it’s going to be huge and I’m excited to be a Founding Member of this.

You’ll find full information on this powerful platform HERE

AllanJames –theStartBusinessMentor

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TruthV2 150x150 Are you able to discern truth from the, oft repeated, fictions you hear so often?Hold on to your hats, cos I’m about to get a bit controversial, and I’ll probably get flamed to death because of it icon smile Are you able to discern truth from the, oft repeated, fictions you hear so often?

But I’m going to tell you the truth. Yep the truth, based on the fact that way back I was in the top 2% of earners internationally in two MLM. HUGE numbers of FBO’s/Distributors etc in my businesses and tons, yes tons, of products moving through each month. And the fact that I’m still financially and personally free.

Are you ready for the truth? (remember ‘a mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open’ So, please, keep an open mind)

I’m going to assume you want to make a full time income in a part-time basis. I will assume that your lifestyle is ‘OK’ but unexciting and you don’t have time to enjoy all the good things in life – and that you’ve been struggling online for a lonnngg time trying to change that unhappy situation.

You REAL success online has little to do with:

How good the company is.
How great the compensation plan is.
How wonderful your upline is.
How unique and unbeatable your product is.
How high your retention rate is (it’s lousy isn’t it)
How great the training you get is.
How superb your blog or site is.
How high you rank in the search engines.
How big your email list is.
The superb articles you write.
The captivating video’s you produce.

All this lot does is use up something you can’t ever replace. Your time.

You know it’s true!  If you haven’t been working your little bum off hour after hour after hour for years, you’ll be making peanuts!

Even if you have been grinding away at all the above for years, you may be making good money but I’ll tell you this, you haven’t found freedom.

Freedom, the ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it. To wander the world, to give to causes, to have lots of quality time for family and friends, to be your own boss.

No, you’ll be putting horrendous hours still in trying to keep the money coming in.

So why do people maintain the incorrect perception that all those things above will lead to freedom.

They maintain them because self interested, inexperienced, or unthinking people keep parroting that this and that is what you need to do.

Rubbish!  I do none of these – yet I’m free to wander around New Zealand continuously in my motorhome, visiting and staying in the many incredibly beautiful spots in NZ, fishing, kayacking, tramping, doing all the often expensive ‘tourist’ things, microlighting, having a quiet beer with the locals and the list goes on. And sometimes (in slow moments <grin>) I come here as my way of paying back to the industry.

None of the above made me free!

What made me free was selling essential online marketing tools as an affiliate (hosting, autoresponder services etc etc) and enjoying a three level affiliate compensation plan – using automated advertising methods (PPC, PFV, Media Buys etc). And I’m still selling essential tools, the tools every online marketer must have to succeed.

Lately I’ve exploded my results using another tool, the latest and most effective recruiting and sales platform ever to be seen on the Internet.

What you really have to have to achieve freedom is:

Access to exclusive, targeted, high converting leads.
A Saas/SMS platform to sort them out and for them to optin to with their smartphone
Targeted, done-for-you, high converting sales funnels (for ANY program, product or service) to drop them into.
Automation – a platform the follows up and converts them to sales or to join you.
A community of winners to surround you, support you and enjoy your success.

NONE of those are in that hugely boring and time consuming list up at the top.

Your job?

Once people have partnered with you, is to form a relationship with them, introduce them to other winners, and make sure they head in the direction of the simple steps that will insure their own success.

Then go out and enjoy life :-)  (as it should be)

I know thus may be a confronting post for some but if you’re not using automation, mobile, sms and and a sales/recruiting conversion platform you are dropping behind the leading edge in marketing. Way behind.

I implore you!  Look beyond all the ‘noise’ that surrounds our industry and find where real success is being had, and were real success can be proven.

AllanJames -theStartBusinessMentor

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Success 150x150 Success is simple (once you know the secret)Those of you that have been around me for a while know that I come from a background of abuse from my alcoholic parents.

It wasn’t their fault in some ways, alcoholism is a bit like getting fat. It happens little by little bit. And they didn’t know how to break out of it.

But it did leave me scarred, with low self esteem and self image and a tendency to be an introverted, VERY negative and self centered person.

Fortunately, about 15 years ago, a multi millionaire gave me a wake up call when he said “Allan, you need to stop blaming everyone except the real problem maker. You need to start working on you, on becoming a better person”

As you can imagine this  p**sed me off big time.

But it lead me into changing my personal and business life for the better.

I added another mentor to my life and today I want to share his wisdom with you. In the hope it will empower your life too.

Watch this short video at the link just below, give it some thought and I’ll be interested to hear your what you think about it.

How to have Your Best Year Ever

I know you will get a lot out of this so please share it with your friends.

AllanJames -the StartBusinessMentor

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frustratedfemalecomputer1 Why is top class affiliate training so expensive!??


We all know that these expensive programs are probably a good investment and will provide us with the vital skills and knowledge we need to put dollars in our pocket – but what if your budget is limited? What if you can’t afford $37 or $47 a month right now?

Well I’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can solve that problem.


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emaiicon How to build a list AND make money from it.You’ve heard that the way to wealth is to build a list. That’s true BUT …

… what you really want to do is not just add numbers. You want to make money!

So they say ‘The money’s in the relationship you build with your subscribers’ And that’s true too BUT …

… if only it was as easy as just adding people and building a relationship!

You’ve tried all of that haven’t you – and the results, at best, have been disappointing

So, what now?


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free website traffic Free Website Traffic – 8 Easy methods to bring a flood of targeted free visitors to your offers.In this post you will be introduced to 8 free website traffic methods that will turn the dribble of visitors arriving at your website and / or viewing your offers and capture pages into a raging torrent. They are the methods I have used, and still use today, to get over 3000 targeted, money in hand, clients and buyers monthly to snap up my offers.

You will often hear it said that more free website traffic equals more cash in hand for you, and assuming you have a good sales funnel in place (for example the 12SC Online Tools and Residual Income Opportunity) this is clearly true.

BUT! and it’s a very big but, many people don’t take the time to learn and put into practice the easy, yet necessary, skills they must have to create a ongoing flow of targeted prospects.

And the result is?

Low results, lots of frustration and low profits, all because they didn’t make the small investments needed to get explosive results from free traffic sources and methods – the courses that will turn it around for them.

Most of us start in the same place when we first arrive on the internet, we’re here to make money but we have only have a tiny budget to invest in our business and, even though we know it will be slower, we turn to free website traffic methods to begin bringing some cash in.

And that’s OK, free website traffic will do that up to a point, BUT you can dramatically improve your results if you do several simple things:

1) Take the time to gain knowledge of how to become an expert! on the basics that work. There are a a small number of superb, and inexpensive, training courses you need to take advantage of to ramp up your results. Keep well in mind that a dollar invested in great training today will pay off BIG tomorrow and all the days that follow.

2) Focus on only one or two strategies at a time – until you have developed all the skills and you’re experiencing superb results. Only then should you progress on to the next skillset you need.

YourFreeTrafficMagnets Free Website Traffic – 8 Easy methods to bring a flood of targeted free visitors to your offers.My highly acclaimed  ‘Your Free Traffic Magnets’ guide will put in your hands all information you have to have to experience dramatic growth through free website traffic methods. You can download it by clicking on the blue link just above.

Follow it’s guidance for a month, then how about popping back here and to leaving a comment to let everyone know the successes you’ve had through the flood of free website traffic you’ve achieved.

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examinebadads Why do so many people get such poor results from their advertising?Many people seem to think that the way to get results from their advertising is as simple as being given a few ad suppliers and sources, throwing up a few ads and all will be well with the money rolling in. Well, I felt the same way when I first got started online but, at great cost, I found it wasn’t as easy as that!

If you want your advertising to reward you with people who will join your team and/or buy from you there are a raft of things you must learn, practice and become an expert at putting into practice.

You need to get a solid grasp of a bunch of principles, methods and skills, for example:


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effective email marketing Do your subscribers, know, like, trust and buy from you?Effective listbuilding and developing a responsive subscriber base is a matter of your own mindset, learning about copywriting and discovering how to develop the trust that will compel people to readily buy from you.

It would be nice if someone could just give you a set of emails you could plugin to your autoresponder but it doesn’t work that way – you have to inject your own personality, tone and belief etc.

The two resources that turned my own abilities in this area from abysmal to pretty darn good were:


If Juggernaught is a bit over your budget go for InstantLifestyle. Both cover a bit more than just listbuilding but they are both great value.

AllanJames -theStartBusinessMentor

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survey results Rankings For Safelists and List Builders: Get the best results.The Email Marketing world has really taken off lately, and Bill Carr created a specialist rankings site in response to the opportunity safelists provide.

There are hundreds of List Builders and Safelists, but most are worthless in that they generate little to no traffic or decent results. However, there are some that do work, and I see results from them every day. Because so many are poor, careful testing is vital.


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instantlistbuildingsystem How to add 3000 subscribers to your list every month.I probably don’t need to tell you how important having a responsive list of prospects and buyers is in putting money in your pocket month after month.

You’re probably already building a list, and I congratulate you for that, but I’ll wager that one of the challenges you struggle with everyday is how to speed up the process of getting responsive buyers on your list.


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